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Airframe & Engine Parts

The 51 Factory has been manufacturing selected P51 airframe and engine parts for more than 10 years.

Current productions are all run ‘in-house,’ to control quality and ensure each step is inspected and verified resulting in an end product that performs as designed.  

All of the airframe and engine parts we produce are built and inspected to original drawings and specifications, with few exceptions. In some cases, modern materials and processes are available that are clearly superior to the originals, and are selected as replacements with engineering review and approval.

Process engineering is established and documented, resulting in consistent parts with mechanical properties that meet or exceed original specifications.  

Although our parts are fully engineered, documented and inspected/tested, including metallurgical analysis, we have not pursued FAA part manufacturing approvals at this point, and therefore would be considered for use on airplanes in experimental category only. Future plans do include review by FAA designated engineers with intent to obtain part manufacturing approval for each item we produce, thereby allowing installation on limited category airplanes.

Our goal is to provide quality airframe and engine components to help keep your Mustang flying well in to the future.  

We are working on many projects, including the following, some of which are available now and others available in the near future.

Complete New
Manufacture Throttle Quadrants,  Including  P.T.T. Switch!

Dash 9 Cylinder Liner Coolant Header Tank
Header Tank Pressure
Relief Valve
Heavy Duty Forged  Gear
Handle Assembly

Heavy Flange Exhaust

Inner & Outer  
Exhaust Shrouds

Wing Tips & Extensions

Prop Spider

Transport Cylinder Liner




 Shop & Machinery

 Tools & Tooling

Engines and

P51 Cooling
System Maintenace