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The volume of our inventory and quantity of new in the box original parts is unmatched in the industry. 

The engines, sub-assemblies and components acquired from Universal Airmotive, most of which transferred from Bristol Aero in Canada in the early/mid 60s, consisted of thousands of new in the box original R/R parts. The vast quantities of new parts included pistons, rings, bearings, seals and other consumable items, as Bristol Aero was one of the last major commercial overhaul facilities of the Merlin engine.  

Our initial visit to Universal Airmotive, revealed several rows of pallet racking with over 50 large gaylord/pallet boxes of Merlin parts along with 62 Merlin engine cans stacked up in the shop.  

As we opened each of the engine cans, a typical sight would be a Merlin engine surrounded by hundreds of boxes of new rings, bearings, seals, supercharger gears, studs, valve seats, valve guides, valve springs, and much more - even new in the box connecting rods! 

Many near new sub-assemblies were found in the cans, such as wheel cases, lower crank case assemblies, supercharger drive assemblies, cylinder banks, etc, that were removed from engines at one of the overhaul depots, with run-in time only on them. The balance of these engines were scrapped in the 1960s, at a time when there was little demand or interest in WWII era aircraft.  Fortunately, a substantial quantity of these sub-assemblies were saved that are now part of our inventory.

Several other inventories of engine cores and parts were acquired including JRS Enterprises, John McGuire, Carl Scholl, and others.  

With very few exceptions, we will have either a new in the box part, or low time original piece to replace any component of your engine that is out of spec/worn, or marginal in any way.  

With over 300 tons of engine cores, parts, sub-assemblies and new in the box components, we have the inventory necessary to keep your Merlin powered warbird flying for many years in to the future.  

62 engine cans at Universal Airmotive Pallet boxes of Merlin parts at U.A.

Typical contents of engine cans

Some of Our Current Inventory